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Day 20 Kartbahn!

We were on a mission this morning to find the items on our shopping list that were a “must have” for our trip home. ┬áLaurie, Lucas and I headed out and drove to Wildeshausen. We were mostly satisfied with what we found as far as the chocolate egg selection was concerned.

When we arrived at the house, we had seen advertisements for go-cart racing at the Kartbahn. We had hoped we would be able to take the kids, checking online it was nice to see that they operated “rain or shine”. They were open from 1500-2000 so we got there just after 3 PM, and it was raining lightly.

Due to the wet conditions of the track, we were not able to take out the big carts. The 9hp carts we did drive were plenty fast. After the first 10 minute session, the rain stopped and track conditions improved.

Everyone has a great time, Austin learned the “secret” of drifting… turn the wheel and give it gas until the rear wheels slip and start coming around.