Day 18 shopping and family

We started to get our shopping done for the things we plan to bring with us back to the states. From the looks of what we bought, it’s mainly junk food and chocolate.

We started the morning by visiting Ingrid’s childhood home. She spoke to the owner of the home (who lives across the street). The man explained his daughter lives in the house and that we were welcome to go into the yard and look around. As we were exploring, the man who lives in the upstairs portion of the house (where Ingrid’s family lived) came over and offered to show us the flat.  The house was very nice inside, almost like a museum inside.

Ingrid's childhood home in Delmenhorst
Ingrid’s childhood home in Delmenhorst



After, we walked down to the shops and farmer’s market of Delmenhorst. Cobblestone streets and fresh food.  It rained a bit, but then quickly cleared to a beautiful day.


After the shopping, it was time to drop off the goods and head up to visit Stephan and Gundy.  After visiting with them at their home and enjoying delicious cakes and coffee, we all went to the harbor in Bremenhaven.

Aidan enjoying German coffee and cheesecake

The destination was the top of the Atlantic Hotel Sail City. They have a great observation deck on top with amazing views all around.

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