Day 14 the campground

Day 14 the campgroundWe tried to get on the road at a reasonable time, our main destination was a campground that Ingrid, Laurie and Cindy had stayed at over 30 years ago. First up was the Dutch Cheese Market in Alkmaar. This is an open air market at the city center where “cheese carriers” haul delicious cheese rounds on special carriers. There are vendors along the canal selling everything cheese related from cheese toast, cheese, herring, and pancakes. The market shut down around 12:30 and we had to hide from the rain a few times.

We continued north and crossed the land bridge bordering the North Sea. We stopped at the Monument Afsluitdijk, the wind was howling! 

Our main goal was to find a campground that Ingrid, Laurie and Cindy had stayed at when they visited over 30 years ago. After a stop in Balk, we were fairly certain that it was in Wijckel. After following some convenient signs we arrived at Camping ‘t Hop. (In the rain).

We stopped at the restaunt and had some very good soup and fickadel. Laurie, Lucas, Austin and I braved the rain storm and walked through the woods to the old cemetery that Laurie remembered from her childhood. It was a muddy adventure.

Driving back to Sevenhoven went without a hitch, the GPS was accurate about the time, we got back home about 8 pm and had pizza.

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