Day 11 travel to the Netherlands

We packed up and sadly said goodbye to St Goar.  We were able to successfully navigate around the road closures as we were familiar with the local roads by now. We had planned there events on the way to Amsterdam: Draconfels, the cathedral in Cologne, and a bridge in Cologne.

We arrived in Honigs-Winter thanks to our gps. Unfortunately, or gps also took us onto a private nature trail to the top of Draconfels.  We dropped Joe and Ingrid off at the top and drove down to town to catch the tram to the top. Sounds nice and easy. Not! Road construction again conspired against us. After an hour we were able to find the tram station.  Laurie went to the top and retrieved Joe and Ingrid, by now we were way behind schedule.  

We decided to stop at a McDonald’s for some fast food. The McDonald’s here have the McCafe with coffee and baked goods. By now we needed to make up some time and decided to forget about Cologne as we had to meet the cousins in Amsterdam. 

Traffic and construction on the autobahn put us way behind schedule.  We arrived at our farmhouse about 5:40 pm. It is absolutely beautiful. 

The boys were so excited as the host explained the features of the house.  Especially the part about being able to pretty and hold the animals (chickens, rabbits, goats, pigs, and goats). There is also soccer balls and am area to play soccer. 

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