Day 10 castles

We got up early, and were on the road by 9.  It was a bit cooler with an estimated high of 67 for the day. We had only two destinations in mind for the day, Castle Eldz and Rudesheim.

We had originally wanted to take the ferry to Rudesheim, but the times did not work for us.

The rains continue to give us troubles as almost every road we want to take has closures due to falling rock and mud slides.  Our original 58 minutes, turned into over two hours. 

We got to Castle Eldz and took to tour.  The tour was very interesting, but I think the boys prefer to explore ruins.




After Castle Eltz, we headed to Rudesheim.  Unforgettably, and unfortunately there were two Rudesheim listed in our GPS. Of course we drive all the way to the wrong one before realizing we it was not the one we wanted.  We were able to reroute and get back on track.

We arrived in Rudesheim and found a great place for lunch.


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