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Alaska 2016 Day 3

Up early and another Con breakfast: bacon, eggs, and English muffin.   Packed the remainder and headed to the plane.  Loaded up, to include Con’s nearly 14 year old black lab Teal who was getting the honor of hunting first on the season opener.

It’s about a 30 minute flight across the harbor to the Duck Shack which is located near the mouth of the Susitna River.  Keith, Phil, and Jerry were already there when as Con had flown them in the days prior to prepare the shack and the duck blinds. 

The afternoon was spent completing last minute tasks and getting our decoys set.  Jerome was in charge of cooking the magnificent 12 pound Prime Rib, he did not disappoint.  One of the traditions at the shack was listening to Garrison Keillor’s News from Lake Wobegon on Duck Hunters and the Merganser.  August 31 is also my fathers birthday and we toasted his memory.  At sunset Con had something special planned.  He had brought out red paper lantern that he had written the names of friends that no longer with us: my dad, Doug, and two others that I can’t remember.  We all had a shot of Doug’s favorite bourbon as the lantern slowly rose into the sky.  It took about 10 minutes for it to sail out of sight, with only a slight breeze it was beautiful.

Alaska 2016 Day 2

Up early, after the (long) previous day of travel.  Spoiled by Con with real sourdough fresh blueberry pancakes, bacon and eggs for breakfast.  Lots to do in preparation for the season opener of duck season in Alaska. Luckily, there is a Cabela’s store now open in Anchorage. I love Cabela’s.  And what, do you ask they have in a Cabela’s in Alaska?  Beluga whales and bush planes hanging from the ceiling! 

Luckily, Cabela’s is pretty much a one stop shop.  I was able to get my non-resident license along with state and federal stamps; shotgun shells and we were ready to roll.  Con had to fly out a load of supplies to the Duck Shack (including Phil) so I was able to go meet up with my newphew Darren for lunch on short notice.  While meeting with Darren I asked if he knew where my dad’s old duck calls and his hunting hat were.  Turns out he did, he ran to the back r0om and came out with my dad’s chest.  Darren gave me 3 of his old duck calls (one of which I was able to use on this trip).  Unfortunately, the had (which had seen better days) had been tossed out a while back.  I was hoping to hang it on the wall of the Duck Shack as a tribute.

After lunch,  I picked Con back up and were were off to the races shopping and getting chores done before departure.  In the evening, Con and Becky made a delicious dinner of fresh salmon.  Kurt, Brooke, and her father joined us.

After dinner, Kurt, Brooke and I met with with Eric G (aka Evil Eric) and we hit a few of the downtown sites including 49th State Brewing Company and the F Street bar.  Below is the view from the patio on the roof of 49th State Brewing at sunset.

Alaska 2016 Day 1

I left Los Angeles as temperatures were reaching 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  As I was driving to Los Angeles International Airport, I received an update that my flight was delayed 3 hours. At least it was the second leg of my trip from Seattle to Anchorage. But it did push my arrival time from 9 pm to midnight. 

After boarding, I received a text from cousin Kurt (traveling with Brooke) saying that we would be arriving in Anchorage near the same time. We managed to meet up at a fine establishment at the Seattle airport to have a few beers. 

Bonus, not only did I have a row to myself on the delayed flight from Seattle, I had the WHOLE row!  There couldn’t have been 20 people on the whole plane. 

Con was waiting for us and picked us all up (our fights were early).