Alaska 2016 Day 1

I left Los Angeles as temperatures were reaching 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  As I was driving to Los Angeles International Airport, I received an update that my flight was delayed 3 hours. At least it was the second leg of my trip from Seattle to Anchorage. But it did push my arrival time from 9 pm to midnight. 

After boarding, I received a text from cousin Kurt (traveling with Brooke) saying that we would be arriving in Anchorage near the same time. We managed to meet up at a fine establishment at the Seattle airport to have a few beers. 

Bonus, not only did I have a row to myself on the delayed flight from Seattle, I had the WHOLE row!  There couldn’t have been 20 people on the whole plane. 

Con was waiting for us and picked us all up (our fights were early). 

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